Cruise - Snorkel - Dive the best and most stunning Outer Great Barrier Reef locations with just a handful of people.

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Diving and Snorkelling in a tiny group with ABC the Number 1 Tour operator in Port Douglas

Port Douglas privately guided tours. We have our own luxury PADI dive and snorkel boat taking just 12 passengers to stunning outer reef locations.

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas – Port Douglas’s highest rated dive and snorkel boat on TripAdvisor! Our totally unique operation in Port Douglas makes us the diver’s & snorkeler’s choice. We take just 12 passengers on our day boat tours to the outer reef ensuring you’ll enjoy a very exclusive, individual and private reef experience, visiting stunning outer reef locations teeming with biodiversity. You get to visit pristine parts of the reef in a much more intimate way. Small passenger numbers mean a whole lot more of everything: from personal attention, privacy, time in the water and under the water! Our small dive groups are perfect for those nervous or inexperienced divers.

Great Barrier Reef Tours from Port Douglas – Choose the highest rated Dive & Snorkel Boat in Port Douglas.

ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas is all about low impact and extremely low passenger numbers. In fact we take less passengers than any other day boat from Port Douglas. We dive & snorkel in pristine un-visited environments offering you a rare thrill, not the standard experience of visitors to the Great Barrier Reef. ABC is visiting the reef the way it should be done. Your group may be the only ones in the water and our boat the only one we see. This is your chance to be an explorer, uncovering a brand new dive or snorkel site.

Highly highly recommended! The best tour to fulfill your bucket list dream.

Epic experience from out of Port Douglas punctuated by a small personalized group, highly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful crew, and the fact that your dive (I snorkeled) far away from the throngs of our tour groups (as it should be) and instead to some hidden gems that’ll have you pinching yourself saying, “Am I really here?!” Haha. It is worth the extra cost. Special thanks goes out to Brad, John, Lizzie, and Jay for a memorable and best day ever – thank you guys for helping me check off another off the bucket list. ABC tours is one of the best I’ve ever booked (I’m from California).

TripAdvisor December 2018

The only boat in Port Douglas that takes you on a daylong guided Snorkel on the Outer Reef with just a handful of people.

Snorkeling with ABC is very personalized, extremely small group guided day. The groups are around 4 persons to 1 ABC crew member, this is an amazing chance to ask questions about what you are observing, pointing out the more unusual creatures that are generally missed by the untrained eye. As we take so few people to the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef our trips are really a wonderful way to experience the reef.

The ABC difference – We are not just a taxi ride to the Great Barrier Reef we actually guide you on all of the 3 sites in a intimate group size where you can hear what your guide is talking about.

The smallest groups and the only boat in Port Douglas that guides its snorkelers on all of our 3 locations – Usually just 4 snorkelers per instructor snorkel guide. This definitely makes us the snorkelers best choice for a totally unique day on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Just a sample of what you could see snorkeling with Abc

The Great Barrier Reef Concept – ABC’s concept is to take the least amount of divers & snorkelers to the edge of the outer reef!

Our new booking office and fully stocked Scuba Pro dive store is centrally located at 24 Wharf Street, Port Douglas. Not only do we stock a large range of snorkel & dive equipment we have displayed a cross selection of our customers underwater photographs diving and snorkeling on the outer Great Barrier Reef. Many other aspects of our underwater photography are featured and beautifully presented across the latest multi screen technology.

Scuba Dive Courses – Get your PADI here! – PADI 5Star Dive Centre

When you come to the heart of Port Douglas right here in the middle Macrossan Street you will find just one PADI 5Star Dive Centre. ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas are the dive professionals, offering a range of PADI courses suitable to everyone from snorkelers, to open water divers, advanced divers and even free divers wanting to learn some specialties such as reef awareness or underwater digital photography. This is Great Barrier Reef diving at its best and just a fabulous learning environment.

For all of our courses we use our own fantastic dive boat. You will be in a group no larger than 4 people per course. This is in keeping with our philosophy that when you are in a small team situation, it creates a more efficient and stimulating learning environment without distractions of large numbers of people around you.

Here are the advantages of doing your dive courses with ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas:

  • Port Douglas’s highest rated dive and snorkel boat on Tripadvisor
  • Dive on our own luxury, purpose built dive boat INDEPENDENCE 1
  • Please come and visit our Scuba Dive Retail Shop and PADI 5 Star Dive Centre in Port Douglas
  • Truly amazing ‘No Compromise’ outer reef dive locations
  • Small group classes for PADI courses; maximum 4 students
  • Latest scuba diving equipment, dive computers and in water protection included
  • Time saving efficient teaching methods – PADI eLearn
  • Our dive instructors are highly experienced and passionate about teaching
  • No hidden costs such as reef taxes or additional dives charges
  • ABC offers a Minimum 5 Open Water Dives over the mandatory 4 PADI Open Water Training Dives
  • Transport to and from your accommodation throughout the course
  • Generous dive equipment discounts for new PADI Dive Students

Reef Tours Port Douglas – With ABC there are no Locations where there are more Customers than Fish!

We deliberately avoid setting a firm daily schedule, ensuring the wildlife acts naturally and doesn’t begin shying from busy spots, so the surprise, “big ticket” sightings are frequent and amazing. This is a rare luxury, afforded by our particular permit and the size of our vessel which enables us to move very freely and explore. The ability to roam the magnificent reef systems off Port Douglas is a true pleasure for us, only enhanced by the opportunity to share often unknown sites daily with just a handful of people from around the world.  ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas is a truly low impact operation. Our purpose fitted reef boat INDEPENDENCE 1 is a prestige luxury dive vessel and our footprint is tiny.

Port Douglas Private Guided Reef Tours in pristine Locations.

Our freedom from an obligation to use permanent moorings means we can head for the merely incredible, and if we find something absolutely spectacular on the way, we jump in and have a look. If it blows us away we stay and play. Our agility opens up a myriad of opportunities for fantastic, old school, totally exploratory days, getting to parts of the reef that are seen by no one else. Our adventures are nothing short of world class.

Best Scuba in Aussie

Diving the Great Barrier Reef has been on my bucket list for 30 years. So when I arrived in Port Douglas I didn’t want to mess around with mediocre dive companies. ABC Scuba Diving is the only way to roll if you want quality, safe, superb diving or snorkeling. Small group (12 max), great Dive Masters, fabulous Captain, and pristine vibrant outer reef dives with no other boats around. Practically Private Reefs! I loved my experience so much I changed my business travel schedule so I could dive with them a second day. It was even better the second time around. Thank you ABC. If you are planning to get in the water while in Cairns, Port Douglas or anywhere in N. Queensland, don’t even think about another company. Book ABC now!

TripAdvisor August 2018

Dive Port Douglas – Outer Great Barrier Reef Adventures without compromising on Luxury.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas on INDEPENDENCE 1, a luxurious purpose fitted dive & snorkel vessel, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety equipment. Our 48ft (15 meter) Stebercraft vessel features air-conditioned interior, galley, lounge style seating inside, partially shaded deck with tables and comfortable seating, warm fresh water shower and toilet, two rear ladders for easy access to the reef and plenty of space to chill out!

Breathing Underwater Is Amazing.

We offer our Beginner Divers a unique learning environment with flexible learning options. For example, if you are a little nervous about jumping in the ocean, how about taking those first breaths in a clear blue swimming pool with your feet firmly on the ground? If you’re staying at our luxury holiday home Coral Sea Beach House, then the pool sessions can be done in your own private pool. We believe small is best when it comes to learning to dive, so we promise on our introductory dive days there will less divers aboard our boat than any from Port Douglas. What a fabulous learning environment learning tailored to your pace; unbeatable personal service. No crowded dive decks on our boat. Read More »

Abc Scuba Diving Port Douglas PADI Diving Courses

Abc Dive & Snorkel are the only PADI training facility in Port Douglas working independently from all the other large tourist boat operators. Your PADI Courses and your schedule comes first! We operate our very own luxury dive & snorkel vessel, INDEPENDENCE 1, where you can complete your PADI Courses in style & comfort. ABC is proud to be the only Port Douglas PADI Dive Company that has a retail presence in the heart of Port Douglas. A dive store stocked with SCUBA PRO dive equipment, our own booking office where you can come in and talk to us. We have also heavily invested in our own dive compressors and even our own dive and snorkel vessel coupled with our own Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Permit, this gives us total Great Barrier Reef freedom.

Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions

At ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas we specialise in tailoring requirements to each individual guest. To assist during your research and planning, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers), which you may find useful. Please click on the READ MORE below. Please note that we’re more than happy to answer individual questions; in fact, we prefer to provide personally tailored responses, as we understand each case or concern can often be unique. As such, please feel free to contact us directly on phone (07) 4099 6243 or email Read More »

Totally independent …. ABC is locally owned and operated.

This boutique business is passionate about the Great Barrier Reef and making sure you make the most of your day and visit with bespoke service and attention. You’ve already invested in your holiday; now invest in an unforgettable experience to make your Great Barrier Reef memories last a lifetime ABC’s  services include:-

  • Amazing private boat charters diving & snorkeling or any combination of in water activities
  • ABC’s own amazing accommodation which is ideally suited for just a couple or up to 6+ guests
  • PADI ‘Spoil you’ first time beginner diving day tours, no busy dive decks on our boat
  • Certified diving day tours in the smallest dive groups of any day boat from Port Douglas
  • PADI open water dive courses on the least crowded boat from Port Douglas
  • ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas has it’s own diving facilities so you can complete your open water course in comfort

Why visit the outer Great Barrier Reef and scuba dive with us?

  • Our own luxury premium versatile boat with a shallow-draft giving us access to amazing reef locations
  • Outstanding customer focused personal service at all levels
  • Our small dive groups are perfect for those nervous or inexperienced divers
  • Carrying a maximum of 12 reef visitors per day
  • We visit remote and pristine sites not accessible to larger vessels
  • Genuine exploratory diving, exciting current drenched underwater pinnacles
  • Diving amongst ramparts of the continental shelf with pristine walls of coral
  • Expert crew of experienced locals, with a least one marine biologist aboard
  • More than 75+ years of combined crew experience living and working on the Reef
  • We explore new sites regularly to avoid sites becoming “over-dived”
  • We are an extremely low impact tourist operation with very low passenger numbers



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