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ABC Dive & Snorkel is a Local Family Owned and Operated Business

At ABC, the day starts and ends with our trip. We don’t own multiple boats, we are not owned by a multi national and we don’t have a human resources department. We have always been, and remain, a small dedicated operator focused on providing you with exceptional customer service and a fun day. Our hand picked staff are our most valuable resource and they work hard to ensure that your day on the Great Barrier Reef is a special part of your holiday.

ABC Dive & Snorkel evolved from Jay Wink’s private Port Douglas Dive Guide Services. After his own personal working experience of the mass marketing of tourism boats in Cairns and Port Douglas, Jay wanted to offer a uniquely, more personal alternative to these prevailing large tour boat operations. This fundamental desire for setting up a small in fact a tiny boutique reef operation in Port Douglas. We are proud to be able to take and guide just a tiny group of divers or and and snorkelers to the outer Great Barrier Reef. It was realised early on with our first boat “Sweetlips” that small was best and we have continued in the extremly small group idea to our newer, faster and more luxurious boat “Independence 1”.


Our Fundamental Idea: Low Environmental Impact and Genuine Small Groups

At ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas it is of paramount importance to us that we leave no environmental footprint. We are able to do this with careful management and taking only small groups – a maximum 12 passengers. We don’t just talk about eco tourism and low impact, we actually practice it!
In Port Douglas most other dive & snorkel operators can take more than 80 passengers (the largest up to 434 passengers) per trip and visiting the same sites on a daily basis. We believe the reef is negatively impacted by exposure to such large amounts of divers and snorkelers to the same reef locations every day.
We deeply respect the reef and its needs which is why we like to do things differently. True to our low impact philosophy and the very fundamental idea of reef protection we frequently change our dive locations and only ever visit them with a handful of people. Thus the fragile and diverse ecosystems of our sites remain intact offering our customers the stunning wildlife encounters and amazing coral experience that they are expecting from the Great Barrier Reef. We choose the best sites on the Outer Great Barrier Reef every day considering tidal and wind conditions to suit our guests’ activities and experience.


Marine Biologists, PADI Dive Professionals, SSI Dive Professionals

Educating our customers about the complexity of the Great Barrier Reef’s ecology, its elusive and diverse marine life and how the ecosystems of our rainforest and the reefs are connected is paramount to us. Only if we understand the bigger picture can we protect our reefs!
We employ only local marine biologists and dive professionals who have been diving these waters for most of their lives. They are all fully licensed PADI instructors or Dive Masters ensuring our guests’ safety above and below the water. All of the ABC Dive & Snorkel crew are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge of the marine environment and it’s inhabitants with you.

ABC Dive & Snorkel is a PADI 5* Star Dive Centre and Winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for multiple years in succession.


Port Douglas Highest Rated Dive & Snorkel Boat on TripAdvisor from 2011 to date.

We are dedicated to customer service and operate on most days with an excellent customer-staff ratios. Our concept of small numbers, and tiny groups is a winner.  Having a comfortable boat and accessing untouched reef locations has proven highly successful. Hundreds of happy customers, among them film crews, families from around the world, celebrities and even a world trade leader have experienced the reef with ABC Dive & Snorkel. We’re proud to show off all of our dive sites and we truly believe “a picture is worth a 1000 words”! You can find hundreds of our dive photos with ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas gallery. Facebook gallery and Instagram photography moments.

Meet the ABC team

As you can see, we are indeed a very small company with only a handful of dedicated reef enthusiasts!

February 2017 this is currently being updated to reflect the current position


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