Port Douglas Beginner Diving Great Barrier Reef

Beginner diving is exactly what the name suggests. It is more commonly known as ‘Introductory Diving’. It is scuba diving for beginners; people without a dive certification who just ‘want to give it a go’.

“I booked one day of snorkeling and introductory diving with Jay and ABC. Loved it SO much I went out again the next day. … Although a bit more expensive than the other boats, it is well and truly worth it. It is so personal, you feel like the only people out there. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Bloody awesome. Can’t wait to do it again and again and again.” – Trip Advisor Review 22 November 2014.

Port Douglas Beginner Diving – A Day To Be Spoiled

Our purpose fitted dive vessel can access unique diving areas, not visited by other people. These dive sites are carefully and specifically chosen to suit beginner divers, offering safe conditions and awe-inspiring coral and fish life to maximise your first dive experience.

Breathing underwater for the first time is exciting. The unique feeling of weightlessness can be exhilarating and ever so slightly addictive! This is your day to experience something new, something that may well change your life and it’s our job to make sure you enjoy the maximum.

We are passionate about teaching scuba diving and the Great Barrier Reef, which is a winning combination for everyone.

Personalised Teaching Methods – No need to be nervous!

We handle first time divers with utmost care and personal attention, providing a unique, safe, one-on-one instructional environment with flexible learning options.

If you are a little nervous about jumping in the ocean, how about taking those first breaths in the swimming pool with your feet firmly on the ground? First time dives in a pool are a great option to overcome initial nervousness and ensure you will wholeheartedly enjoy your first time reef experience.

We start your journey by personally fitting your equipment prior to the trip. This will make you feel comfortable and give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the boat environment. On the way to the reef (or even the day before the trip if you prefer) our experienced dive instructor provides you with comprehensive information covering step by step everything you need to know about you first dive, from the equipment, to breathing underwater, communicating underwater, marine environment and more. And when you find yourself ready to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the Coral Sea, your personal instructor will be right there to hold your hand (literally sometimes).

We believe small is best when it comes to your first time dives. With us you enjoy individual tuition and learning is tailored to your pace. There is no fixed time slot for your dive, if you need longer for your dive preparation, you will not be hurried or rushed as there will be no busy boat schedule to follow. Your instructor will go through the dive process at your pace. If you want to leave and come back to it, then that’s fine too. This is all about you and you come first.

Promise to you: you come first, safety focused, one-on-one personal tuition; flexible learning options; safe and unspoilt reef locations away from other boats and tourists; fully qualified and experienced dive instructors.

Beginner Diving – Can Anyone Do It?

If you can swim you can scuba dive*. There is no prior experience necessary and all tuition and equipment is provided. You are accompanied in the water for your entire dive by trained dive professionals.

*Please note that some restrictions do apply. The minimum, legal age to participate (in Australia) is 12 years and some health conditions will prevent you from diving, including asthma, heart conditions and pregnancy. For more information check out the Medical Declaration from PADI Discover (in the resources section) or contact us today. Please consider the time to arrange a dive medical.

Learning to dive is an amazing achievement that will transform your holiday into the experience of a lifetime!


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