Guided Adventure Snorkeling

…And the Adventure Begins!
Another ABC Snorkel adventure starts, guided by our experienced crew members, the magnificent underwater coral wilderness opens up below our dive and snorkel boat “Independence 1” and the exploration begins! Who knows what’s around the corner of the next coral bommie?

Here’s what snorkelers dream of!
Every aspiring marine biologist knows the best coral growth is close to the surface as most coral needs clear warm tropical water to flourish in. Luckily for us, as snorkelers we also love these dream like conditions to explore the mind boggling diversity of coral reefs.

We love exploring too!
We all love to snorkel, we all love adventure….At ABC Dive and Snorkel we have the key to accessing some of the more unexplored sections of the Great Barrier Reef with our roving dive permit. Lucky for us our reef adventurers love to explore some of the many coral canyons, wall & swim-throughs too…it makes our snorkeling super exciting!


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