Certified Diving

Our service is refreshingly different! Diving from the only dedicated dive boat from Port Douglas. ABC Scuba Diving simply offers the best certified diving from this area.

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas diving day tours take you away from the crowds, to remote reef sites the bigger boats can’t access. What does this mean? Often ours is the only boat you see and our guests the only people you are sharing the water with.

When you join us for multiple days of diving we will go out of our way to show you as much diversity as possible, with different types of dive locations.

We deliberately avoid setting a firm daily schedule, ensuring the wildlife acts naturally and doesn’t begin shying from busy spots so the surprise, “big ticket” sightings are frequent and amazing. This is a rare luxury, afforded by our particular permit and the size of our vessel, which enables us to move very freely and explore. The ability to roam the magnificent reef systems off Port Douglas is a true pleasure for us, only enhanced by the opportunity to share often unknown sites with just a small daily handful of people from around the world.   ABC Scuba diving Port Douglas is a truly low impact operation. Our dive boat ‘Independence 1” is small and efficient and our footprint is tiny compared to the competition.

Our freedom from an obligation to use permanent moorings means we can head for the merely incredible, and if we find something absolutely spectacular on the way, we jump in and have a look. If it blows us away we stay and play.
Our agility opens up a myriad of opportunities for fantastic, old school, totally exploratory days, getting to parts of the reef that are seen by no one else. Adventures that are nothing short of world class.

At ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas we are delighted to take our guests to new reef sites, selecting the best on the day to maximise your experience.

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