Getting close…

Outer Great Barrier Reef with ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas

Luckily, you do not need to go that far to see it! The reef is best admired up close.  The Reefs coral gardens rise up from the ocean floor to sit just beneath the surface.  This makes exploring the reef easy and enjoyable for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas knows the best spots to see all the amazing creatures of the Great Barrier Reef (some of them are easily overlooked by the untrained eye)! Take home vibrant and unique pictures of your Great Barrier Reef experience with our variety of hire cameras available!

Hundreds of thousands of people a year are drawn to the clear blue waters, colourful coral gardens and abundance of spectacular marine life. It’s the largest living structure on the planet and can even be seen from outer space.

Our freedom from an obligation to use permanent moorings means we can head for the merely incredible, and if we find something absolutely spectacular on the way, we jump in and have a look. If it blows us away we stay and play.
Our agility opens a myriad of opportunities for fantastic, old school, totally exploratory days, getting to parts of the reef that are seen by no one else. Adventures that are nothing short of world class.

Diving in pristine un-visited environments is a rare thrill and not the standard experience of visitors to the Reef. ABC is visiting the Reef the way it should be done.

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