Smallest Group – Adventure Snorkeling on The Outer Reef off Port Douglas

Guided Adventure Snorkeling – just 3 or 4 Snorkellers with a instructor guide on all 3 locations ‘Take a snorkel on the wild side’

The ABC difference – We are not just a taxi ride to the Great Barrier Reef we actually guide you on all of the 3 sites in a intimate group size where you can hear what your guide is talking about.

The smallest groups and the only boat in Port Douglas that guides its snorkelers on all of our 3 locations – Usually just 4 snorkelers per instructor snorkel guide. This definitely makes us the snorkelers best choice for a totally unique day on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Just a sample of what you could see snorkeling with Abc

Our small unique operation in Port Douglas makes us the most personal day boat visiting the outer reef taking a maximum of just 12 passengers on board per trip, ensuring you’ll enjoy a very exclusive day. Our trip can take us to several outer reef locations where our very special Great Barrier Reef marine parks permit allows us to roam the reefs freely and be away from other tourists and crowded reef locations.  We have no fixed daily schedule or agenda and often visit many locations in a day. We deliberately avoid setting a firm daily schedule and frequently change our snorkel locations, ensuring the wildlife acts naturally and does not begin shying from busy reef spots, so the surprise “big ticket” sightings are frequent and amazing.

NB: If you are visiting between May and September, you might be lucky and get a close encounter with a Dwarf Minke or Humpback Whale who travel through these waters this time of the year during their annual migration.

Our guided snorkel adventure days are an exciting opportunity for people wanting to experience the unique feeling of snorkeling 20-30 miles off shore in some remote locations and getting face to face with elusive marine creatures for the first time!

The Great Barrier Reef is home to an abundant array of marine life. Snorkelers regularly see a range of fish including anemone-fish (Nemo), giant Maori Wrasse, butterfly-fish, angelfish and more. With the help of your ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas snorkel guide, you won’t miss any of the highlights.

You will be snorkeling with a marine biologist or naturalist who is a local, has many years of experience in these waters and will be able to identify the marine life you are looking at and will explain to you about the diversity of  the life on the reef.

Amazing Experience!

This crew is superb. I had zero experience with snorkeling when I joined my friends on ABC’s boat for their day of diving on the reef. Lizzie was a wonderful snorkel instructor, and thanks to her guidance, I enjoyed a truly magical day on the reef. I was so captivated by my experience that I’m considering learning how to dive. If you’re going to dive or snorkel on the Reef, go out with ABC. You won’t regret it.

TripAdvisor December 2017

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas Private Charter Days

Tailor the day to suit your needs and interests and embark on your very own small group or family day. ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas are passionate about ensuring guests have the very best Great Barrier Reef experience possible. Personalised service ensures you can relax and enjoy your day, confident your marine biologist snorkel guide will show you the best of the reef.

Having your own private charter on the Great Barrier Reef is touring at its best. Escape the crowds and experience the majesty of this natural wonder with just you and your family / friends, guided by professional dive / snorkel crew and hosts. The ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas boat ‘INDEPENDENCE 1’ is licenced to take up to 25 guests and can be booked for private day trips or half day trips. Having a small, versatile company ethos keeps ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas flexible and versatile in product offering for customers.

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas loves to share the underwater world with people of all ages and abilities and snorkeling is sometimes the best way to get people in the water. Indeed, snorkeling is a great way to see the reef! Coral gardens rise up to within metres (sometimes centimeters) of the surface, with sunlight flickering down through the clear, blue water, illuminating the colourful corals below. More on Private Charter Boat – Booking Direct Prices

Snorkeling with the family is a wonderful experience. Myriads of fish dart through the water, coming right up to your face, as if to welcome you to the reef. People of all ages will enjoy exciting marine encounters, which may even include a turtle, who regularly approach the surface to breathe, bringing them close to snorkelers and swimmers.

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