Abc versus The Mass Market Operators

ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas – The snorkelers are guided 5:1 and divers 3:1 smallest in-water groups!

LOOK AT THESE diving and snorkelling ratios! Tiny compared with all other commercial operators – Only 3 Introductory divers to 1 instructor – Only 4 Certified divers to 1 instructor – Only 5 snorkelers to 1 instructor/guide

ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas JUST 12 PASSENGERS!  That’s the biggest difference between the ABC dive and snorkel boat and the larger mass market boats that depart Port Douglas?

ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas are a small family business

At ABC, the day starts and ends with our trip. We don’t own multiple boats, we are not owned by a multi national and we don’t have a human resources department. We have always been, and remain, a small dedicated operator focused on providing you with exceptional customer service and a fun day. Our hand picked staff are our most valuable resource and they work hard to ensure that your day on the Great Barrier Reef is a special part of your holiday.


Abc Diving vessel – INDEPENDENCE 1Mass market operators
  • A Total of just 12 passengers!
  • Unique that Snorkellers are guided with a 5:1 ratio
  • Smallest dive & snorkel ratios to a instructor guide 3:1 & 4:1
  • Maximum 12 passengers mixed divers & snorkelers. (The ratio of snorkelers to divers can change daily)
  • No compromise diving & snorkeling.
  • Secret un-dived remote locations.
  • Abc makes full use of the low use, remote reef systems.
  • Between 50 to 420 passengers mixed divers & snorkelers.
  • Snorkelers are not guided
  • 4 Introductory divers to an instructor
  • 6 – 8 Certified divers to a instructor
  • All locations determined by amount of snorkelers or first time divers aboard.
  • Buffet lunch, snacks, cakes & refreshments, soft drinks are included.
  • Vegetarians, Vegans & Gluten & Dairy Free options available.
  • Coffee Machine for a great coffee.
  • BYO Alcohol.
  • Buffet lunch, snacks & refreshments, tea/coffee, included. Soft drinks extra cost.
  • Alcohol at extra cost.
  • Vegetarians, Vegans & Gluten Free options available.
  • Fantastic access to all reef systems.
  • More exploring and more of a ‘let’s have a look and see’
  • Locations Agincourt or Opal Reef systems
  • More relaxed social atmosphere.
  • Less time in lines waiting = more time in-water.
  • Not a great deal of flexibility always need a mooring see FAQ for mooring definition.
  • Smallest dive/snorkel groups of any day boat from Port Douglas or Cairns.
  • Largest staff to passenger ratio
  • Exciting exploratory snorkeling between dives.
  • Very experienced crew at all levels.
  • Up to 4 Introductory divers per Instructor.
  • Up to 8 certified divers per guide.
  • Snorkeling between the flags.
  • Our boat is our own and used just by us exclusively for Abc clients.
  • Used by all the other Port Douglas dive schools.
  • More of a relaxed free flowing tour with no fixed agenda.
  • A more scheduled daily tour.
  • Total freedom in outer reef dive locations.
  • Meet at boat 7.10am – Return approx. 4.15pm.
  • Diving is a day price.  3 dives are available. 1, 2 or 3 dives price is the same. No individual dive pricing.
  • Stops along the way to explore unusual sightings
  • Fixed daily schedule.
  • These large boats tie up at same repetitive moorings. (see our FAQ’s to see what a mooring is)
  • Depart 8.30am – Return approx 4.30pm.
  • Diving: 3 scheduled dives
  • Our prices are FULLY INCLUSIVE of equipment, wet suit/stinger suit hire, reef taxes.
  • EXTRA costs on board for equipment hire, wet suit hire & reef taxes.

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