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Terms of Business

Credit/Debit cards – Valid card details are required to reserve dates or to make any bookings with us. When booking on-line through our website,  your credit/debit card is not tested for validity. The transaction will only be processed within our business hours. If your credit/debit is declined or insufficient funds your booking will be cancelled. If using a overseas credit/debit card please ensure your card is operational in Australia. Visa, MasterCard cards and American Express are accepted. However, American Express cards incur a surcharge of 3%. PLEASE NOTE On any occurrence where a credit is made to a clients Credit Card there is no compensation made for international currency fluctuations.

Your credit card is charged in full for any bookings made with ABC we can only reserve seats/tours/charters/training with full payment.

Private charter day (8.5 hours duration) The 8.5 hours can be extended, the additional hourly charge is a pro rata rate of the daily cost.

All prices on our website or sales literature are based on booking direct with ABC and are subject to change.

Scuba dive courses:- Please quote Abc Scuba Diving PADI store #24417 when purchasing PADI eLearning.

All daily tours are subject to minimum participants numbers.

In accordance with Queensland Dive Safety Laws all divers must complete a medical questionnaire/declaration prior to diving. Certain medical conditions and/or prescription medicines may preclude you from scuba diving and require a release by an accredited Australian dive doctor prior to your dive. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your fitness to dive and consider time to obtain a dive medical if required.

Certified Divers: It is the responsibility of certified divers to obtain a valid dive medical prior to the trip if health condition/intake of prescription medicines have changed since the last dive medical. Some conditions require an Australian Dive Medical regardless whether a certified diver has dived in the presence of the condition/intake of medication in another country. Please refer to the Queensland Medical Questionnaire on our website or contact us. No refunds on uncompleted dives or bookings where on the dive day a dive medical is required and has not been provided.

All certified divers must produce a valid Scuba Dive Certification Card. Just dive log books or Statutory Declarations are not legal in Queensland, Australia.

Introductory Divers: Aborted dives and “change of mind” or last minute changes to Snorkelling instead does not entitle to a partial refund.

Certified divers: Our charges are based on a day. Not per dive, our prices remain the same for one, two or three dives. There are no discounts for using own dive equipment.


Cancellation policy

Daily tours: Any cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the booked tour date or ‘no shows’ are subject to 100% cancellation charge with no refund.

Any cancellations made within 14 days to the tour date will incur a 30% admin fee.

Any cancellations made 15 days or more to the tour date will incur a 10% admin fee.

Private charter cancellations  within 30 days of charter date occur a 100% charge.

ABC Queensland Adventures Pty Ltd ABN 91 091 376 706 T/A ABC Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas reserves the right to cancel or change any bookings due to weather and tide conditions, lack of minimum participant numbers, unsuitable physical ability of participants or unsuitable dive experience to match other participant’s dive level or any other unforeseen circumstances. All information on our websites and, tours, itineraries, services provided, product inclusions, brochure contents and prices charged may be altered/cancelled without notice due to any reason and at the discretion of ABC. No refunds on uncompleted dives or bookings where an Australian  dive medical by an accredited dive doctor is required and has not been provided. All prices are GST inclusive and valid till 30th June 2019. If a cancellation occurs every attempt will be made to reschedule the booking. If we are unable to reschedule the booking a full refund will be made.


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