The Smallest Outer Reef Snorkel Operator with only 12 Passengers

Unique Snorkeling on the Outer Reef with just a few people.

Don’t be confused by the name ‘ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas’; snorkelers are catered to with enthusiastic guides and this can be the perfect solution for families and small groups wanting to experience the Great Barrier Reef together. Personal photos create the perfect souvenir of your stay why not book our professional photographer for a private photo shoot.

We have the smallest groups of any dive / snorkel boat in Port Douglas. This definitely makes us the divers and snorkelers best choice for a totally unique day on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Just a sample of what you could see snorkeling with Abc

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing experience and with ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas, you’ll enjoy personalised service, exciting marine encounters and colourful coral gardens.

Snorkeling with the family is a wonderful experience. Myriads of fish dart through the water, coming right up to your face, as if to welcome you to the reef. People of all ages will enjoy exciting marine encounters, which may even include a turtle, who regularly approach the surface to breathe, bringing them close to snorkelers and swimmers. Check our adventure snorkeling.

Partner snorkeling (your partner dives and you snorkel)

This combination of one partner wanting to snorkel and the other diving is very popular. Our snorkeling destinations are equally mind blowing to our dive locations. Because our locations can be more remote this really lends itself to some spectacular snorkeling opportunities. Quite often the snorkel partner can follow the divers on the surface and see exactly whats going on down below.

As a couple or your own small group or family: You could consider a private charter.
Then you can choose who wants to do what and when, this option is the best if privacy and just being with your own chosen friends is important to you.
Great for small groups & families More on Private Charter Boat – Booking Direct Prices

The Company to Choose to Dive with in Port Douglas

Jay, Richard and Dave are the chaps to go diving or snorkelling with on The Great Barrier Reef.

ABC look after you so well. Their pristine boat, brilliantly skippered by Dave, takes you out to the far reef. With a maximum of 12 on the boat, and ours the only boat we could see we felt we were the only people diving the reef. All their equipment is well maintained and waiting for you on the boat.  With muffins and real coffee on arrival, tasty buffet lunch and cakes and fruit as snack they sure know how to look after their customers. Don’t book with anyone else.

TripAdvisor March 2016

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas Private Charter Days

Tailor the day to suit your needs and interests and embark on your very own small group or family day. ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas are passionate about ensuring guests have the very best Great Barrier Reef experience possible. Personalised service ensures you can relax and enjoy your day, confident your marine biologist snorkel guide will show you the best of the reef.

Having your own private charter on the Great Barrier Reef is touring at its best. Escape the crowds and experience the majesty of this natural wonder with just you and your family / friends, guided by professional dive / snorkel crew and hosts. The ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas boat ‘INDEPENDENCE 1’ is licenced to take up to 25 guests and can be booked for private day trips or half day trips. Having a small, versatile company ethos keeps ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas flexible and versatile in product-offering for customers.

ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas loves to share the underwater world with people of all ages and abilities and snorkeling is sometimes the best way to get people in the water. Indeed, snorkeling is a great way to see the reef! Coral gardens rise up to within metres (sometimes centimeters) of the surface, with sunlight flickering down through the clear, blue water, illuminating the colourful corals below. More on Private Charter Boat – Booking Direct Prices






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